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Hyperlinks in Outlook not working

So your best friend sent you the newest cat video on YouTube. You eagerly click on the link to it in Outlook, only to be greeted by the message “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer”

Wonder why it happened and how to fix it? Well, thanks to a little research, some regshot and some windiff, I have gotten to the root cause.

The most common way to trigger this error is when Google Chrome is uninstalled.

Google Chrome changes a number of registry keys when installed so that links open in Google Chrome. When uninstalled, it REMOVES the keys entirely instead of changing them back. Without these keys, Windows does not know how to open a link.

To fix this, run the attached file. Here is some note:
1. This program was made by me. It simply re-inserts 6 registry keys back into the PC.
2. This program will need admin rights
3. This program is not OS specific and has been tested on XP and Windows 7.
4. There is no feedback from this program. It silently adds the keys back in. It will send a few messages before and after.
5. You need to close Outlook and Internet Explorer or it may not work correctly.
6. You do not need to restart the PC normally, but try it in case this doesn’t work.

If the first fix does not work, you have a few options.
1) Run the Microsoft FixIT from here:
2) Install Google Chrome, set Internet Explorer as the default browser, and then remove Google Chrome.

Did this work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

License: Freeware


Updated: LiveZilla – How to download V3.3.2.2/3

Maybe you heard of this amazing piece of software before. Maybe you have even used it. It was a leader in the freeware market for live chat until recently.

The software I am talking about is called LiveZilla.

LiveZilla, like many other groups with the zilla name, was focusing on making a amazing piece of software for free. Just like Mozilla (Firefox) and FileZilla (FTP software), LiveZilla had some issues, but it was free and people were happy to help in way I could. Yes, they offered premium options that some people bought, but apparently that was not enough.

Not all too long ago, LiveZilla took V3.40 and re-named it as v4. that itself isn’t a issue, but then they also removed the “Freeware” license model and replaced it with a “Commercial” License. They claimed that they could not develop anymore for free due to no money and they were forced to moved to a pay solution.

This too could have been overlooked, if not for one key factor. They also removed any and all links to old free versions as fast as they could.

Their reason of “we cannot develop anymore due to lack of funds” is no longer valid. After all, the old versions were completed already, there was nothing more to develop. Rather I suspect they did this so you would be forced to buy their new version and pay them 69 GBP per operator.
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Your Domain Goes Here Review

So the last pass of fsok was taking way to long for me. I contacted them again and they offered to move me to back to Server 11, which I accepted. Meant re-setting up my stuff, but I didn’t care. And so they moved me, I re-set it all up, it had it’s issues (uptime, stability, I don’t even remember what) up until sometime in December. However, because of those issues (which took aprox 1 month to sort out), I was given 1 month of hosting free. Big +1 to them for that, and as a result, I won’t hold it against them.

Enter a period of bliss. From somewhere in December (lets call it the 15th, because that is when my contract elsewhere ran out) till around April 20th, 2011, their services were working within spec for me. No crashes, no issues at all. Then, around the 2oth, boom, VPS hard down again. One look in the panel and you could tell that the server was offline. No problem, open a ticket, right. So I thought, until I tried to login. Nope, 0wrong username/password. So I tried to do a password reset – “account not found”? Maybe I used the wrong e-mail? Nope, because I have their e-mails to me in that mailbox. Weird. So I sent a e-mail but got no reply. So I called, also no answer. Finally, after 4 days, I resigned myself to that fact they must have gone out of business.

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