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Setting up Punkbuster PowerPoints (PCUcon control)

Imagine the following. You have a gameserver running punkbuster and you want to give some fellow players a small level of control on the server that is logged. Most of you would say (baring third party tools like B3) that you have to give them the RCON password so they can login and preform the administrative actions.

As it turns out, you don’t need to give out the precious password. And you don’t need anything else  besides punkbuster. Punkbuster has a voting facility built into it that allows players to preform actions that you define.

Here is what you need:

  1. A file called pbpower.dat
  2. A file called pbrcon.dat

These files need to be in the pb folder of your gameserver.

The contents of the pbrcon will look like the following:

25 pb_sv_kick
75 pb_sv_ban

To explain, the number (25 or 75) is the amount of points it needs to pass the vote to execute the command. In the first case, after 25 points are applied to the command pb_sv_kick, it will pass and the server will execute it.
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B3 Install video!

I recently made a few videos on how to install B3, or BigBrotherBot on a linux VPS.

They are broken up into 3 parts:

My VPS Provider:

Part 1:

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Setting automatic messages in PB

Here is a brief tutorial on how to set up automatic messages through punkbuster, known better as pb.

1) Edit the pbsv.cfg file and add to the very end “pb_sv_load normal.cfg” without quotes

2) Create a new file in the main folder (for CoD4) called normal.cfg

3) Edit the new file to read this: pb_sv_task 10 300 “say message 0” . Obviously replace “message 0” (but not say) with your own message. The “10” is the amount of time before it says it, if you want all your rule said one after each other set the first two to 10, the next two to 15, next two to 20 like so:
pb_sv_task 10 420 “say message 0”
pb_sv_task 10 420 “say message 1”
pb_sv_task 15 420 “say message 2”
pb_sv_task 15 420 “say message 3”
pb_sv_task 20 420 “say message 4”

420 is how long before it executes it again, I recommend 300 (which is 5 minutes), so it doesn’t look like excessive spam…

Last thing, if you want your messages to display in the same order you need to set that second number to the total time. Example: lets say the second message repeats every 420 seconds, and the third message you want to be repeated 5 seconds later, you would set the second number to 425, not 420 or it will go out of time.

Let me know if you have any questions!