Updated: LiveZilla – How to download V3.3.2.2/3

Updated: LiveZilla – How to download V3.3.2.2/3

Maybe you heard of this amazing piece of software before. Maybe you have even used it. It was a leader in the freeware market for live chat until recently.

The software I am talking about is called LiveZilla.

LiveZilla, like many other groups with the zilla name, was focusing on making a amazing piece of software for free. Just like Mozilla (Firefox) and FileZilla (FTP software), LiveZilla had some issues, but it was free and people were happy to help in way I could. Yes, they offered premium options that some people bought, but apparently that was not enough.

Not all too long ago, LiveZilla took V3.40 and re-named it as v4. that itself isn't a issue, but then they also removed the "Freeware" license model and replaced it with a "Commercial" License. They claimed that they could not develop anymore for free due to no money and they were forced to moved to a pay solution.

This too could have been overlooked, if not for one key factor. They also removed any and all links to old free versions as fast as they could.

Their reason of "we cannot develop anymore due to lack of funds" is no longer valid. After all, the old versions were completed already, there was nothing more to develop. Rather I suspect they did this so you would be forced to buy their new version and pay them 69 GBP per operator.

Speaking of which, you would think they would at least price their software reasonably. 69 GBP per operator isn't so bad - IF they were to host the software on their server. But since the software is on your server, there is no reason why they need to charge per operator.

Most live chat companies host their software on their servers so to charge per operator makes sense - after all it uses more system resources when you have more people on. But when I am hosting it on my server, I am already paying the extra cost.

Back on topic. I figured I would ask LiveZilla why they removed the old version and plead with them to restore it. So I did, and they promptly deleted my topic. Good thing I pulled it up in Google's cache and took a screenshot. See for yourself:

I asked them why they deleted my topic. While they are entitled to delete anything they don't like, it does say something about them as a whole.

Assuming they would censor or delete my new topic, I took a screenshot:

End result: They didn't delete this post, but they did edit it to remove my link to Google's cache.

In the end of the day, LiveZilla has shown me that they are only interested in money and not the end user.

Needless to say, the old version is free and while they won't distribute it anymore, nothing stops me from hosting it myself and linking it here.

Follow the 2 links below to download livezilla full and livezilla client

You only need full to setup and install livezilla on your website. You can use full to answer chats as well.

If you want a smaller install, use the client package. This package allows you to answer chats as normal, but does not allow you to install livezilla on a webserver.

Update: Provided by a reader in the comments, I have hosted here as well. These files have not been verified by me though, so use at your own risk.