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January 11, 2012


Updated: LiveZilla – How to download V3.3.2.2/3

by MordyT

Maybe you heard of this amazing piece of software before. Maybe you have even used it. It was a leader in the freeware market for live chat until recently.

The software I am talking about is called LiveZilla.

LiveZilla, like many other groups with the zilla name, was focusing on making a amazing piece of software for free. Just like Mozilla (Firefox) and FileZilla (FTP software), LiveZilla had some issues, but it was free and people were happy to help in way I could. Yes, they offered premium options that some people bought, but apparently that was not enough.

Not all too long ago, LiveZilla took V3.40 and re-named it as v4. that itself isn’t a issue, but then they also removed the “Freeware” license model and replaced it with a “Commercial” License. They claimed that they could not develop anymore for free due to no money and they were forced to moved to a pay solution.

This too could have been overlooked, if not for one key factor. They also removed any and all links to old free versions as fast as they could.

Their reason of “we cannot develop anymore due to lack of funds” is no longer valid. After all, the old versions were completed already, there was nothing more to develop. Rather I suspect they did this so you would be forced to buy their new version and pay them 69 GBP per operator.

Speaking of which, you would think they would at least price their software reasonably. 69 GBP per operator isn’t so bad – IF they were to host the software on their server. But since the software is on your server, there is no reason why they need to charge per operator.

Most live chat companies host their software on their servers so to charge per operator makes sense – after all it uses more system resources when you have more people on. But when I am hosting it on my server, I am already paying the extra cost.

Back on topic. I figured I would ask LiveZilla why they removed the old version and plead with them to restore it. So I did, and they promptly deleted my topic. Good thing I pulled it up in Google’s cache and took a screenshot. See for yourself:

I asked them why they deleted my topic. While they are entitled to delete anything they don’t like, it does say something about them as a whole.

Assuming they would censor or delete my new topic, I took a screenshot:

End result: They didn’t delete this post, but they did edit it to remove my link to Google’s cache.

In the end of the day, LiveZilla has shown me that they are only interested in money and not the end user.

Needless to say, the old version is free and while they won’t distribute it anymore, nothing stops me from hosting it myself and linking it here.

Follow the 2 links below to download livezilla full and livezilla client

You only need full to setup and install livezilla on your website. You can use full to answer chats as well.

If you want a smaller install, use the client package. This package allows you to answer chats as normal, but does not allow you to install livezilla on a webserver.

Update: Provided by a reader in the comments, I have hosted here as well. These files have not been verified by me though, so use at your own risk.

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  1. Felipe
    Jan 20 2012

    I just learned about this this unfortunate sell-out. Thanks so much for the link, I had to re install my OS and realized i didnt have this file, i was looking for it all day! But its inevitable that we need to find another chat solution as this one will start aging rather quickly.

  2. Shin
    Jan 24 2012

    Thank you for sharing. Too bad they got greedy.

  3. MordyT
    Jan 24 2012

    @Felipe and @Shin It was quite a shocker. Many (such as myself) are outraged by it. As mentioned, sooner or later it will turn into a security risk and we will need to move on. I guess we have a year to find a solid solution that is free (or very cheap). There are some promising ones out there.

  4. Chris T
    Feb 8 2012

    Thank you for the link. LiveZilla is the main source for our chat and we didn’t need to upgrade to 4.0 given that all of the listed features were of no use to us. Then I lost the install file and needed it set up on a few computers here and you saved me! In regards to what LiveZilla has done, I don’t think it’s nice for them to remove all links and no longer even distribute it. In the end it is their software and they may do as they wish, but we can clearly see where their mindset is.

  5. Pablo Carrau
    Feb 23 2012

    Thanks Mordy! I felt the same way as you when I saw they went commercial. I luckily saved the client and server of LiveZilla v3.3.2.3. If you or anyone else needs it I can send that one too. Thanks again!

    • MordyT
      Feb 24 2012

      If you want me to e-mail me those files I would be glad to link them in the blog and give you full credit. Simply send it to admin at this domain and I will get it posted. Thanks!

  6. rob
    Mar 8 2012

    Download links don’t work anymore. The upgrade overwrote my client, now I cannot connect to the server without upgrading it and paying. I need this old client, please

    • MordyT
      Mar 10 2012

      Hi Rob, Both links have been fixed. I moved webservers and forgot to set the new path.

  7. yacko
    Mar 14 2012

    Thanks a lot for hosting those! Can’t find it anywhere.

  8. Joe
    Mar 19 2012

    Hi mate, thanks for this I have been using the trial of v4 and loving it so far. I have a bit of a problem though… I deleted the database and files that were previously installed, so that I could install this version, but after installing everything, validating the server and database successfully, when anyone tries to use the browser chat support it just shows a blue exclamation mark. Any ideas?

    • MordyT
      Mar 22 2012

      Sorry, no idea. I can’t provide support, just providing the free files. Link to site though?

  9. Armando
    Mar 23 2012

    Thanks for sharing the links.

  10. Desk
    Mar 25 2012

    Thank you so much! I was looking for this software and i saw that now is super expensive! I used that before but now i can’t pay for that, its too much. But thanks for share the free version! +1000 Bro!

  11. tens
    Apr 9 2012

    Thanks, that’s a nice move from you.

  12. Luis Varela
    Apr 16 2012

    Thanks!! I formatted my pc and just found out that now its only paying!! Glad i found your blog since I managed to put it to work again. If anyone knows a similar free option maybe this could be a new good topic for this blog.. a stable and free replacement for livezilla. Anyway, thanks a lot again.

    • MordyT
      Apr 18 2012

      I have a list of about 10 free ones that I am testing out right now. I plan on moving over to one of them and will post a detailed list of my findings.

  13. Biscuit1001
    Apr 25 2012

    Has anyone else – who is still using v3.3.2.2 – noticed that some of the functionality that previously worked beautifully has suddenly stopped? Cobrowsing no longer works correctly, the browser displayed is wrong (shows as Firefox 1, when it’s Firefox 11), and if they have 2 browser tabs/windows open, the second one doesn’t display. I’m not asking for support, only if anyone else has noticed this also. It’s as if they are somehow blocking functions that previously worked fine.

  14. Ryan
    Jun 3 2012

    Thank you-thank you-thank you for posting the download links! I couldn’t find them anywhere until I came across this site. You sir, are a gentleman!

  15. Rich R.
    Jun 11 2012

    Just another thankful thank you note.

  16. Constantin
    Jun 19 2012

    Great stuff, thanks you saved me. I also had the server version installed and had to setup my computer so that I needed the client version again. I haven’t found it anywhere on the livezilla site. Too bad they also are attemting to delete your posts. Thanks once again for this great work of yours!

  17. Renato
    Jun 26 2012

    Thanks for sharing this.

  18. John
    Jul 15 2012

    You are a great human being. Nice one! Just looking into making a ‘Wine’ port of V3 tso it will run on OSX. If I get it working, feel free to add that as well – they dont support Macs, lol.

    • MordyT
      Jul 15 2012

      Awesome. If you are successful with the wine port, just let me know and I can either link it to your site or add it here.

      • John
        Aug 24 2012

        Hi MordyT I’m almost there!! Just a small tweak to go in the Registry file and it should be up and running. I can get right up to login, enter a correct password, then I get the message Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154(REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG) I think this is because of Outlook Web Components not being present. OK, back in not long, hopefully! For the record, I’m using PlayOnMac as my Wine engine. Its so damn easy to work with and the forum is quality,

  19. James
    Jul 18 2012

    Thank you for posting these files. I accidentally upgraded the client version of my LiveZilla install before realizing they’d changed the licensing model. Quite thoughtful of them to hide the fact that the software is no longer free until AFTER you’ve upgraded. Also appreciate the lack of ability to downgrade. Anywho, you’re a life saver and have earned good karma points for this.

  20. Luciano
    Aug 2 2012

    Thank you for sharing. I was even considering buying a Livezilla client because I like it, but after they did this (deleted the free version completely of their site), I won’t buy anything from them, ever.

  21. leon
    Aug 4 2012

    will it be safer to use a outdated version

    • MordyT
      Aug 5 2012

      It is always better to use newer versions as many times they include security fixes in them.

  22. Rikster
    Aug 9 2012

    Thank you, was looking for my old version I lost !

  23. Dani
    Aug 15 2012

    Excellent post! Thank you for sharing the download links. I also want to contribute by linking an article I found just searching ‘LiveZilla’ to remove the LiveZilla footer and header credits and might be of interest of other users: Make sure to backup the files without making any changes just in case! Cheers!

  24. Steve Bateman
    Aug 26 2012

    hi! I want to install LiveZilla in webserver. Are there any special steps to do so? Can you please mention the steps to download in the server?

    • Steve Bateman
      Aug 27 2012

      Can you please mention the steps to INSTALL in the server?

  25. Rodrigo Barbosa
    Aug 27 2012

    Prezados, Para quem esta a procura do LiveZilla Classic Server e Client Full BR (Última Versão Grátis) segue abaixo varios links para que a versão não desapareça 🙂 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 4 OBS: versão totalmente compatível com Windows XP e Windows 7 (x86 e x64) Espero que gostem e bom download 🙂

    • MordyT
      Aug 29 2012

      Thank you for the links to 3.3.23! I will re-host them here as well!

  26. V4g_Br4Ck3r
    Sep 12 2012

    I LOVE YOU! kkkkkkkkk TKS

  27. Dolke
    Sep 15 2012

    Great article, ty. Similar situation happened with the LogMeIn hamachi if you are familiar and recall the incident… I encourage people who are making great and free software for years to sell their products after they are mature for such a move but to do it nice and smooth, with some class and manners, informing people of their plans prior of doing such a drastic changes in their policies.

  28. Michel
    Nov 27 2012 Uploaded them just in case something ever happens to your website. They are the same ones from here, this is where I downloaded them from, so they are unmodified.

  29. Hooman
    Dec 10 2012

    Does anyone have full install?

  30. Rich
    Jan 29 2013

    Cleverly they (LZ) have managed to get a nasty warning in the main window which has made one of our users update, obviously it does update but then you are forced to pay. I’ve removed it completely from the Win XP box but the exe is only gettting so far before it tells me that ‘Livezilla is running in the tray, please exit…’ – Livezilla isn’t running (certainly not as a named process), I’ve been through all temp files and prog files to try and remove all traces but it’s still not allowing me to install. A manual trawl through the registry finds a ton of stuff which I’ve also removed, still can’t get past this error

    • Rich
      Jan 29 2013

      Sorted, the issue was that I changed the exe filename for ease of upload to an ftp server. Renamed the file to what it should be and it works fine thanks for this!

  31. badzilla
    Mar 7 2013

    great move. thanks for the files. my local older version stopped working! they suck by removing old versions

  32. HostRokit
    Apr 18 2013

    The downloads can be found archived here: 🙂 🙂

  33. Setme
    Jun 8 2015

    Does anyone have installation instructions, every time I run the Full install, the only thing that gets installed is the client. Thanks in advance

    • Anon
      Jun 9 2015

      You should be able to use the client software to install the server files I think

  34. Felipe Boeck Fert
    Sep 2 2019

    Thanks Man!!!


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