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Network Detection System

MordyT proudly presents…. NetworkDetectAndDeter

What it is used for:

This program was designed to discourage users from pulling out the network cable on their PC.

What you need:

You need a copy of the Network Detector and a copy of BIS. These are 2 separate files that work together. Depending on your setup, you need a UAC version or a Admin Version. (Admin not yet available)

How it works:

Network Detector

There are 2 parts – A detection program and an action program.

The detection program (called ND.exe) is very simple.

  • Once a second, it checks the status of the network connection.
  • If it is found to be down, it calls the action program. Then it checks again.
  • If it is found to still be down, it checks if the action program is running and if not, calls it again.
  • If it is running, it goes back to the beginning.
  • When the network connection comes back up, it sends a terminate command to the action program, and then checks again.
  • If it is up, it simple goes back to the beginning.

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Message Notification System

MordyT proudly presents….

A message notification system!

Imagine the following. You wish to send a message to a user on your network. They are currently not logged in and you don’t feel like calling them on the phone. How do you leave a message they can get when they log into their PC?

With the following system, it is easy.

There are 2 parts – A client program and an admin program.

The client program, when fired off, checks for certain files in a share. If any are found, it will display them to the user in a pop up window. The Admin program allows you to easily make these files, but is not necessary to make them.
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Updated: MAVIS – MotorTraxx by Scott Systems – on Windows 7

So I was recently doing an upgrade at a local business that uses a program called Mavis. It is made by a company by the name of Scott Systems and they seem to have it under the name MotorTraxx. This version is very old, 16 bit, and pure DOS.

Setup was as follows:

  • The program files are on a network share.
  • The share is mapped in by network drive.
  • They run the mavis1.bat file to start the program.

I ran into a few issues from their old XP machine on the new Windows 7 machines.

  1. The program (on windows 7 64 bit) would not open, threw an error about 64 bit compatibility.

To solve that, I reinstalled Windows 7 – 32 bit.
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