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October 21, 2010


Your Domain Goes Here Review

by MordyT

So the last pass of fsok was taking way to long for me. I contacted them again and they offered to move me to back to Server 11, which I accepted. Meant re-setting up my stuff, but I didn’t care. And so they moved me, I re-set it all up, it had it’s issues (uptime, stability, I don’t even remember what) up until sometime in December. However, because of those issues (which took aprox 1 month to sort out), I was given 1 month of hosting free. Big +1 to them for that, and as a result, I won’t hold it against them.

Enter a period of bliss. From somewhere in December (lets call it the 15th, because that is when my contract elsewhere ran out) till around April 20th, 2011, their services were working within spec for me. No crashes, no issues at all. Then, around the 2oth, boom, VPS hard down again. One look in the panel and you could tell that the server was offline. No problem, open a ticket, right. So I thought, until I tried to login. Nope, 0wrong username/password. So I tried to do a password reset – “account not found”? Maybe I used the wrong e-mail? Nope, because I have their e-mails to me in that mailbox. Weird. So I sent a e-mail but got no reply. So I called, also no answer. Finally, after 4 days, I resigned myself to that fact they must have gone out of business.

I posted a thread on WHT (WebHostingTalk) forums with a tale of my sorrows, only to have Wayne reply to it. He informed me that I couldn’t login because my account had been closed (not deleted) for not paying my bill. Uh, what? I pay every bill I had been given, except one for the reseller account (which I requested be closed before bill end date). They closed the account on a client who had a active service (the VPS) because one of his other services were overdue. Wrong, but that is just how I feel. I also lost the domain I registered through them.

Wayne and me spoke about it, and he re-activated my account. The VPS was down for work he said, and sure enough later on, it came back up. All appeared to be good in the world again.

I am making this blog post in the hope to save you some aggravation. Recently (about 2 months ago) I signed up for the $5 VPS at At first it was amazing. The VPS was quick, and I installed my program on it with no issue. However, after 3 days the VPS crashed. And by crashed, I mean it went offline and could not be brought back online. So I e-mailed support after waiting about 24 or so hours. I was informed that server 11, the server I was on, had suffered a hardware failure. All my data on there was lost, and that they would move me to another server. Why it took them 24 hours to move me, and why I never got an e-mail is a mystery to me.
Moving forward, I set up my program again on my new server and left it alone. My program is a game server administration tool called BigBrotherBot. Less then 24 hours later I was inform by one of my staff that the B3 Bot was down. Having no time to diagnose it, I used my old setup.
I checked the VPS later that day (which was on server 5). Sure enough it was offline and refused to turn back on. For over a month I could not get it to boot, and to this day it still won’t. Support is slow and i have received one reply to my ticket in the past 24 hours. They claimed Server 5 had also crashed and that they were in the last pass of fsok.
I also have a resellers account with them. Although my bill is paid, it is in pending status. I have had the reseller account for almost a month.

Unfortunately I have come to realize that their services are below par. I consider the $15 I spent there a huge waste of money. I hope that you read this before it is to late and reconsider going with another host.

If you have any recommendations for a cheap VPS, feel free to let me know.

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  1. Matthias Zeitler
    Apr 7 2012

    We had a very bad experience with this provider. I would not recommend to use them. The supplier canceled our VPS after a while without prior notice due to high load and deleted all data. Of course they still took our payments and refused to refund anything. I am not sure if this is fraudulent or just negligent, but for production data this is really unacceptable.

    • MordyT
      Apr 15 2012

      In the end I did move away from them as well. They had a server crash and all data was lost. I figured I better cut my losses and move on, which I did with my month and a half old backup.

    • YDGH-Corey
      Jun 21 2012

      Matthias was an abuse client that felt he should be fully refunded for all 5 of his services after we suspended one for abuse and our system auto removed his suspended vps. Since then we have changed our abuse policy to allow the client 24 hours to respond to an abuse ticket before we suspend them unless their vps is currently affecting other customers in a way that can not be overlooked. @MordyT we haven’t had a server crash in over a year. We identified that the problem was with the raid controller not taking the disk out of the array when it had failed and this caused bad data to be written across the array. We now activley check for bad disks with the smartctl command and don’t rely on our raid controllers.

      • MordyT
        Jun 21 2012

        Corey, Me and you have talked before and I always found you to be a straight up guy. TBH, this review is out of date and I do need to update it with the final details that caused me to move away from YDGH. I have been watching YDGH recently since I have only found a handful of other companies providing the same service at the same price. I like the way it seems you and Wayne have turned the place around and I would like to give it another shot. My programs running better under *nix and I am currently stuck on a windows box. However, you most certainly did have a server crash within the past year, one so bad all – ALL – my data was lost. The date was: Nov 10th 2011. It was either S5 or S11 at the time….

        • YDGH-Corey
          Jun 22 2012

          Oh well it seemed like a year 🙂 I haven’t had a timer on it.


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